About Us

Om Maritime Pte Ltd is a provider of in-depth knowledge and exceptional skill-based services to shipping, trading and maritime industries. It comprises Maritime consultancies, Maritime Training Sessions, Ship Broking activities as well as Advisory services. Professional knowledge and expertise are combined to provide exceptional service to our clients, globally.

The company has been in operation for twelve (12) years since its incorporation on 22 July 2007. To be able to provide its extensive and widespread range of services and assistance, it is strategically situated in Southeast Asia’s maritime Centre , Singapore. The company’s business address is no. 6 Raffles Quay #15-00 Singapore 048580.

Since its incorporation, the company has always been profitable and were able to exceed its mission and vision as directed by one of the Leading Maritime Personalities, Capt. Subhangshu Dutt supported by the other Shareholders, Sujata Dutt.


Om Maritime group of experts and professionals provides comprehensive range of services through our expertise on maritime consultancies, ship broking, and Advisory services worldwide.

  • Maritime Consultancy
  • Maritime Training Sessions
  • Ship Broking
  • Advisory Services

Key Achivments

Since its establishment as a boutique, ship broking, and maritime consultancy firm, numerous notable achievements have been accomplished. Some of them are as follows:

  • Maritime Training Sessions with various reputable shipping and trading companies, where the commercial aspects of shipping were discussed and covered. Some of the companies include MNCs in the trading and shipping business .
  • Fixing the container vessel to leading container shipping lines like of Taiwan, as part of the Ship Broking Activity.
  • Advisory Services for Towing projects for 180m Floating Dry dock from port of Chennai to Port Blair in Andaman Is. Client Government of India entity
  • Advisory Services for a 2nd towing job of the Floating Dry dock from Port Blair to Chennai and return voyage. Client Indian Navy.
  • Advisory Services for arranging financing for one Aframax tanker and one container vessel on behalf of Lenders Oak Tree Maritime. Total loan value over 10M USD.
  • Arranging stores and spare parts supply for Indian Clients at Krishnapatnam Port and VNR Marine.


OM Maritime aims to be the leading company in Maritime and Shipping industry worldwide by providing the highest level of services and assistance through the experts and leading maritime personalities.


Optimism. We choose to see the positive angle for us to move forward and be able to focus on what should be done.
Motivation. This maintains our enthusiasm to work hard and provide the best assistance to both employees and clients.

Management. We manage the time, clients’ assistance, information all in so we will be able to deliver satisfaction.
Accommodating. Willingness to help our clients is one of our values to hopefully exceed the expectations.
Respect. Respect for your time, your knowledge, and most especially your money. Respect for all.
Informed. Our professionals persevere with the best of their knowledge to let our clients be informed on the essentials and various aspects on shipping and maritime
Informed. Our professionals persevere with the best of their knowledge to let our clients be informed on the essentials and various aspects on shipping and maritime.
Trustworthiness. We make sure that all of our professionals are trustworthy for our clients’ security and comfort.
Innovative. Innovation remains our hallmark in the quest for excellence
Mitigate. We aim to lessen the burden of the clients through the best solutions we will be providing.
Efficiency and Excellence. We choose to maintain and excel in all aspects as we continue to satisfy the demands of the clients worldwide.